Case Study 13: Leading Effecctive Teams Essays

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Leading Effective Teams Week 7 MG365 Organizational Behavior Leading Effective Teams Review of the Case You work for Soda Can Company as Executive Director of Stores. Because your company is opening up a new store in 60 days, you have worked quickly to put together a strong team. While not all of the team members you have chosen have a lot of experience, they do have strong performance records. You have also chosen two or three newer employees to the company that have demonstrated eagerness and a desire to learn. Although the store has been meeting its performance expectations since it opened, you have started receiving complaints from your seasoned staff members on the team about the story manager you selected. One of the…show more content…
What do you say? You need to leave your emotional interpretations out of your explanation to Elizabeth and just give her the facts as you know them and then go on to give her the employees’ perspectives of what they see going from the complaints, concerns and questions you have received from the team. I would not interpret the employees perspectives, as an objective person, Elizabeth needs to be able to form her own opinions. It is very important that while you are explaining to Elizabeth the concerns that you have, that you do not attack his personality or become too emotionally wrapped up in the situation that you lose perspective. While there is no doubt that Jim has some questionable practices, it might be that he doesn’t know any better communicating skills and he could be sent to training to fine tune his skills and to learn other ways of effectively managing different situations. It is also important to understand, when you are forming your opinion of Jim, that there are two sides to every story and things might not have happened to the extreme that the complaining employees thought because they also could have been emotionally invested in the situation at the time. Either way it is important that you and Elizabeth agree on a plan and implement it right away so that the team can move forward instead of moving backwards. 3. What are you going to track closely with the new team? Most importantly, I am going to track
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