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Verizon 1. Using the competing values framework as a point of reference, how would you describe Verizon’s current organizational Culture? Provide examples to support your conclusions. A clan culture is a family like or tribe like type of corporate environment that emphasizes consensus and commonality of goals and values. Clan cultures are the most collaborative and the least competitive of the four main corporate culture models. Mentoring, employer commitment and employee engagement are thought to promote empowerment and loyalty that will drive productivity and business success. Verizon’s employees are the embodiment of that belief. Whether they’re mentoring students, helping non-profits build capacity or running to support a…show more content…
4. Does Mr. Lowell want to create more of a mechanistic or organic organization? Explain. Mr. Lowell wants to create an organic organization. Within an organic organization there are fewer procedures, informal communication, and networks of employees who are encored to cooperate and respond quickly to unexpected tasks. This is why there is so much emphasis on training at Verizon. Employees must know how to respond with operational effectiveness and training at Verizon. Employees must know how to respond with operational effectiveness and high performance in an organization that values innovation. Due to the fact that technology changes so rapidly and their employees must be able to change and adapt quickly the use of policy manuals or stacks of procedure will be a waste of time and paper. 5. What is the most important lesson from this case? Discuss The most important lesson from this case is Verizon’s management recognizing the need to change their culture in order to implement their new strategic plan and meet the company’s business goals. One of the company’s significant goals was to create a leadership culture that lead for shareholder value. In order to change a company’s culture the senior leadership must be involved and believed in it. Verizon decided to increase the number of internal subject matter experts (SMEs) and gave them the authority to make changes and recommendations through the use of cross business units and cross

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