Case Study 2: Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited

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Case Study 2: Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited

Strayer University
Matthew Gonzalez Due Date February, 23 2015

Isuzu Australia Limited or IAL is a subsidiary of Isuzu Motors Limited in Japan and are responsible for all things Isuzu Trucks in Australia. The company needed a way to connect their entire dealer network and improve the speed and accuracy of their communications between headquarters and each dealer and other business partners
The Need for a new system.
Why did they need to update their system and how would they accomplish this in a timely and efficiently manor The reasoning behind getting this communication network up and running is the high priority
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A wiki is an application that allows users to edit and publish content in collaboration with other users. IAL uses their wiki for a central knowledge base, posting alerts and other information that is important for their customers.
Isuzu Australia Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan), and is responsible for the marketing, distribution and support of Isuzu Trucks in Australia.
Business needs Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has a large national dealer network which is the driving force behind the business. The company needed a solution to improve the speed and accuracy of communications between head office and the dealerships as well as facilitate increased collaboration with business partners.
Solution IAL chose to implement IBM WebSphere® Portal linked to other collaboration tools including Lotus® Sametime®, Lotus Quickr™, Portal Document Manager (PDM) and Web
Benefits: Communications both internally and externally with dealers and partners have been radically improved. Information is now hosted centrally on a web-based portal, allowing all parties to access real time, up to date information at any time.

The portal and collaboration tools were rolled out to staff and 1000+ dealership staff, with access controlled by a complex security structure allowing the right people to see the right content at the right time. The systems were quickly adopted by the majority of users and today are used companywide. The implementation of the

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