Essay Case Study 2: Eagle Manufacturing

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Introduction Ted Jones, a young man of 35 years, takes a reflective review of his 2 years tenure as the Supply Manager heading a team of professional buyers, expediters and support staff at Eagle Manufacturing Company. He reflects on his team’s laudable accomplishments, the different challenges that he has faced from the various departments within the organization, the incessant pressure from top management for seamless operations devoid of supply related problems, and seeks to find a way to solve these problem so as to ensure an efficient and more effective supply management process for his organization. Analysis of the Case Ted Jones has been the Supply Manager at Eagle Manufacturing Company for two years. He heads a team of…show more content…
6. Reduced productivity in the administration department due to machine downtime resulting from the used of poor quality paper. A critical analysis of the case study give a strong impression that the supply management department of Eagle Manufacturing is more pre-occupied with solving every day emerging problems, instead of planning strategically to avoid them. As a result, the department operates continuously on a crisis management mode. Identification of Major Issues The major supply management issues/problems identified in the case study that may be responsible for the challenges faced by Ted’s team are summarized below: a. Eagle manufacturing organizational structure does not recognize the supply management department as a vital department that should interface and coordinate all supply related issues. The supply department should be strategically placed to interface with all other departments and management on supply related matters and advise appropriately on the best course of action that will maximize the organization goals. b. Absence of strategic and planning activities in the supply management department. This may be largely due to the relegated position that the supply management department hold in the organization, hence they are seen as a dumping ground for supply problems instead of a key department that should lead the strategic planning of

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