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BA 5802 Financial Management Case Study 2 Emre BULUT Lex Service PLC – Cost of Capital 2056281 Questions: 1. Why is Lex Service PLC concerned about its cost of capital in 1993? What role will an estimate of the cost of capital play within Lex? In general, how can and do companies make use of cost of capital estimates? Since there are significant changes in the company for the last 3 years such as descending trend in car and truck market in 1991, sale of one of their core electronics business, terminated Volvo agreement etc.; the company thinks that their financial value (equity and debt ratios and weights) and accordingly cost of capital is changed. Also company has free cash (derived from the sales of electronics…show more content…
As risk premium given average on long term equity annual return is used. Since it is not easy to observe the market premium, long term historical data on equity return is better. c. Is your estimate of Lex’s cost of equity appropriate as a discount rate for Lex’s total operating cash flows? Why or why not? For future cash flows, evaluation is done with WACC rate which consists from cost of equity and cost of debt in a weighted average. In this case, using cost of equity is not appropriate since we doesn’t know cost of debt and weights of equity and debt, it doesn’t reflect the actual rate for WACC. 3. If Lex had no debt in its capital structure, what would be its cost of capital? How could this estimate be used to value Lex? If Lex operated with essentially no leverage in its capital structure and then added a moderate amount of debt, how would this affect its total value? How might we capture this value impact of debt in our valuation analysis? If company doesn’t have any debt, it means that WACC is equal to cost of equity. There are two ways of increasing capital, (1) using debt and (2) issuing new shares. For profitable companies sometimes it is cheaper to use debt instead of issuing new shares since cost of debt is tax shielded. In this case company didn’t have any debt in past which means less default risk, it will affect total value in a positive way. It will decrease the taxes paid and increase net income, accordingly share values. 4.

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