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BUSI 600
Dr. Michael Walker
Case Assignment #2
Jaime Arze

3. Describe the sampling plan. Analyze its strengths and weaknesses. Just about every research sampling plan can be associated with a variety of strengths and weaknesses. These are challenges the decision maker in charge of the study must face when choosing the sampling plan for the specific research. Penton media devised a sampling plan that would require several steps, in order to isolate an ideal population of users to poll for their research. Their lengthy process included a multi-step system that began with a phone questionnaire; the second stage consisted of “pretest”, which was mailed to a smaller group of individuals pulled
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This is the trait of an efficient sampling plan, and shows that the data collected by Penton Media about the reader service cards will prove highly efficient in their research. Among other strengths found in Pentons study was their ability to use an attribute-sampling plan and remain organized and focused throughout their research. Pentons clarity, and organization with this study, paved the way towards accurate and efficient results. Throughout the study, the problem was clearly identified; the research efforts and resources were always focused on identifying the root of the cause. This allowed Penton to successfully conduct a research that would help understand the decline they were anticipating with their reader service cards. There is however, more than just praise towards Penton medias sampling plan. Weaknesses are a part of every sampling plan, and research approach and Pentons study is no exception. One of the bigger problems with the sampling plan is that only 710 responses were collected and studied, this comes after the information implies that there is a pool of 1.7 million subscribers in the Penton Database. The rule of thumb with most research designs is that the larger the sample sizes the more accurate the results. The sample size used by Penton media would suggest that the overall data recovered form the small group does not accurately represent

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