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Case Study 2 Jasmine Howard Liberty University Case Study 2 Part I Kaiser Manufacturing Company has been in business for over 50 years using the standard method staffing. Hiring its own employees, training, managing and all human resources issues were all handled in house. The option is now arising to use an employment agency, FSS, to relieve the burden from Kaiser Manufacturing Company. It is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this option before changing the entire business plan Kaiser Manufacturing Company has worked so long. The advantages include, flexible staff numbers, as of current Kaiser Manufacturing Company has a workforce of 725 production workers, 30 clerical workers, 32 engineer and professional…show more content…
Though FSS takes care of a lot of the task Kaiser Manufacturing Company does now it does not come without a fee and stipulation. The markups could cost more than what the company is currently paying when doing its own staffing. Kaiser Manufacturing Company has to decide if the savings/cost associated with the markups is worth the convenience. Part III. When making this decision Kaiser Manufacturing Company may want to consider doing research on how other company’s in its industry have done wither contingent workers. This is important because some industries have to be heavily involved in finding its employees and retaining them. Finding out the policy behind bring an employee on as a full time employee and what stipulations follow with that. Knowing whether there is a certain amount of time an employee has to a contingent worker before making them full time and if that time is not met is there a fee associated with bringing them on early. Some staffing agencies will make a company payout the employees contract in order to hire them full time. Understanding the impact FSS will have on the day-to-day aspect of Kaiser Manufacturing Company is important, in the beginning will someone be able to assist with the transition? Is it necessary to have someone in house as a go to for all contingent workers and is

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