Case Study 2 Project Leadership Roles Essay

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Case Study 2: Project Leadership Roles at TriHealth

Stacy D. Rivers

Dr. Stephen Castellese

HRM 517 – Managing Human Resource Projects

April 29, 2012 1. Identify the common roles in a human resource project. Then, analyze these roles to typical human resource functions.
First and foremost, projects are considered the most important method that many organizations and companies use to reach their strategic goals. From this common roles are identified and filled to fulfill the needs of a human resource project. There are executive, managerial and associate level roles in regards to a human resource project. The common roles of these levels are sponsor, project manager and core team member. The roles of these levels have
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Core team members are the small group of people who are on the project from start to finish and who jointly with the project manager make many decisions and carry out many project activities (Kloppenborg &Nkomo, (2012). Core team members are just as important as the sponsor and project manager; they understand all aspects of the project and stay to complete the project to the end. 2. Reorganize any two (2) roles at TriHealth that result in shared responsibilities and then state why you chose those two roles.
After careful consideration, I would reorganize the roles of the sponsor and project leader. Since there has to be a discussion in regards to the role of the project leader with the sponsor; the sponsor is actually capable of doing the job of the project leader since the sponsor is involved in the initiating planning executing and closing stages of the project.
I chose these two roles because the sponsor can facilitate if a project leader is needed in the role throughout the course of the project. So I believe if time permits for the sponsor the individual can be the sponsor and project leader. If this is the case, then the sponsor can receive assistance from the Performance Improvement Consultant. This individual can provide direction, can be a mentor, provide management education, provide support during each stage and can be a coach if needed. This person in this role would have the
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