Case Study 2: Project Leadership Roles at Trihealth

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Case Study 2: Project Leadership Roles at TriHealth

Stacy D. Rivers

Dr. Stephen Castellese

HRM 517 – Managing Human Resource Projects

April 29, 2012 1. Identify the common roles in a human resource project. Then, analyze these roles to typical human resource functions.
First and foremost, projects are considered the most important method that many organizations and companies use to reach their strategic goals. From this common roles are identified and filled to fulfill the needs of a human resource project. There are executive, managerial and associate level roles in regards to a human resource project. The common roles of these levels are sponsor, project manager and core team member. The roles of these levels have
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3. Suggest the short-term and long-term effects on the company with roles being shared among employees.
The short-term effects on the company would be deciding which employees are capable of taking on a role in regards to the project. Each person needs to have the proper team building skills to work well with one another to complete the project and to ensure the project is a success for all involved, especially the stakeholders.
The long-term effects on the company with roles being shared among employees is that each employee has the same concern, which is completing the project on time, with good quality and on budget. In the long-term and short-term no employee should feel they did the work on their own terms and feel the need for personal glory (Kloppenborg & Nkomo, (2012). 4. Analyze the need for an additional role. Then propose a new role and its proposed impact.
I have analyzed the need for an additional role for the project. I proposed a facilitator should be added in regards to the human resource project. Certain situations can require facilitation in project management. This service would be needed if the situation is more complex because the opinions and thoughts of all involved are varied. A facilitator is needed to extend their ideas by considering other ideas and possibilities. There are also times when the members of the project need to focus their
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