Case Study 2: Zara International

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Zara International is considered a high end clothing store that is affordable. Due to its quality in fashion, low prices and immediate availability, popular stores such as Gap and H&M fail to keep up with Zara’s success. Zara’s well known tactic of fast fashion has separated them from their competition. The ‘fast fashion’ objective is to distribute top trends of fashion within the runway to customers by selling them in local stores. Zara has been able to achieve the fast fashion perspective by hiring approximately 200 people that will assist in getting these trends out in stores within a matter of weeks. Zara International adopted the classical management style by abiding by the five administrative principles. This company was able to…show more content…
This theory was made possible when Inditex accomplished correlating situational demands to a certain management style. The tactic for Zara is to interact with its environment and transition suppliers into consumers and to create systems to keep track of time production as well as reporting of inventory. I would nominate Jeffrey Pfeffer as the best fit consultant for Zara International as he strived for evidence based management. I am intrigued by Zara’s concept of fast fashion and tactics of keeping top trends within their stores at a low cost. Zara’s risks they’re taking not only hurts the competitors who wouldn’t take such a risk but also needs to be closely watched to be sure their mission is constantly progressing. Pfeffer’s process of making decisions on a management basis revolves around definite facts that have real results. Reporting is watched closely and research is constantly done with Pfeffer’s approach which is what is needed in the retail world especially and to keep a business successfully running. In order for this company to stay afloat, it is important for managers to rely solely on a result of credibility rather than on speculation. Positive human resource management practices are crucial in a fast growing company that wants to continue to grow according to Pfeffer. Zara’s mission is
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