Case Study 3: Bipolar Disorder. Steven Fry Made A Documentary

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Case Study 3: Bipolar Disorder Steven Fry made a documentary about individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, and even includes his own personal experience with the disorder. Many of them are well-known in the public eye and have decided to speak out about their disorder. Not every person in the documentary had the same experience and Steven Fry also spoke with many professionals about possible explanations to bipolar disorder and possible age of onset/diagnosis. He talked about his own personal story of suffering from bipolar depression, including details such as getting expelled from school, stealing, slapping a teacher, getting arrested, and attempting suicide all before the age of seventeen. Listening…show more content…
It was also quite informative to hear about inheritance of the disorder and related aspects. A mom who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder had children and I never really considered pregnancy having such an effect on the disorder. The doctor explained to Steven Fry that pregnancy and child birth are both extremely hard for women diagnosed with manic depression. The woman, Gaynor Thomas, was talking about how she believed her child was the messiah, she was sent from God to have this child, and they would change the world together. The influence her pregnancy had on her disorder made her fearful of having another child. Rick Stein also worried about him inheriting the condition after his father dived off a cliff near his house. Rick also worries about his sons having the condition as well. These people know first-hand the struggles and repercussions of bipolar disorder and are justifiably worried about their loved ones going through the same experience. I think the most educational part of this documentary was when Steven Fry spoke to others who have manic depression that he would not have guessed had the disorder. Robbie Williams for example, a very popular performer talked about his extremely low lows dealing with the depression part of bipolar disorder. A majority of people would not have been able to recognize that Robbie was very depressed because he did not show it all the time. He was a performer,

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