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Human Relations in Business – Maja Barnes’ Case Study 11-2: So, Is This How You Learn Leadership? 1. What is your opinion of the contribution of Olsen’s representative experiences to his development as a leader? Leadership - “the process of bringing about positive changes and influencing others to achieve worthwhile goals”. After three months of becoming an assistant manager, Len’s leadership skills have already been put up test. As an example, he effectively managed a customer who spilled hot coffee on herself while answering a call, and because of that, she was about to sue the restaurant. Len effectively calmed her down by offering the restaurant to pay for her dry cleaning. He demonstrated effective leadership skills and…show more content…
The missed shift could also be deducted from Annie’s vacation days, or she could make up a missed day at work for another day. Olsen should tell her that her actions let him and other stuff members down, and they need her experience, this would make her feel self-worth. He also should ask her what he could do to make her job more valuable to her. Len should let her know that they do enjoy her working in the restaurant, but they don’t want her to do these things again. Len should be strict about the rules, and make sure that people take his words seriously. 2. What else can the restaurant chain do to help Olsen and others in the leadership program, develop as leaders? As it was mentioned in the text, all candidates before becoming leaders were required to work as a bartender or server for at least a year. The purpose of this requirement was to give a candidate for a management position a direct experience in dealing with different kinds of customers. It also made the candidates feel and see what is it like to “walk in server or bartender’s shoes”, and what do they have to go through on daily basis. Instead of making a candidate right away an assistant manager after a year mark, the cooperate should provide the candidates at least two training sessions before and after this one year period mark, so it could build up the candidate’s confidence and skills. The

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