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Case Study 3 1. Discuss the four components of corporate social responsibility and how they relate to a charitable campaign such as (Product) RED. How does participation in a cause-marketing event contribute to a company's social responsibility? What role does sustainability play? The four components of corporate social responsibility are Economic responsibilities by being profitable to the company, Legal responsibilities by obeying the law or playing by the rule, Ethical responsibilities by being ethical in carrying business and Philanthropic responsibilities by being a good corporate citizen and also by improving the quality and standard of living of the community and society. Economic performance is important as the foundation of…show more content…
Because of all of the reported labor laws that the Gap factories violate, this is going to reflect on them for quite some time especially since the company has failed inspections as recent as 2005. Although the image may not be completely clean, the revenue this product has created for the Gap is unmatched, with the Product RED t-shirt being the best selling item in the company's thirty-five year history. From the company's point of view I believe the decision to join a partnership with Product RED was for a dual purpose; to spit-shine the company's image, and also improve the company's revenues and profits. 3. Describe the various types of technology that have contributed to the media coverage marketing efforts, and public discussion of the RED campaign Firstly, (Product) RED promotes its product range with a cause-marketing campaign, in which,(product) RED ties the marketing of a brand, company, product or service directly, e.g. GAP, Armani, Apple iPhone, to a social cause ± HIV awareness and AIDS prevention. Most cause-marketing campaigns provide for a social cause by donating a proportion of sales to a specific body, for which in this case is Global Fund. Moreover, (Product) RED uses the INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (IMC)technology for its marketing campaign. The IMC involves the utilization of all the elements of the marketing mix, which specifically includes

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