Case Study 3

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Case 3: Jason Beans & Rising Medical Solutions, Inc. Jason Beans realized his organization was being managed poorly. James wanted to create an environment that provided a positive work attitude. He didn’t want people to be thought of as numbers. Jason went through a few different management styles from very controlling to very loose control, neither of these ways worked well. Either employees took advantage of RISING or moral and performance began to suffer. RISING finally found that a reward based management was the way to go; Jason went as far as providing the company beliefs and core values to every employee at their desk. He even gave people $ 100.00 if they could recite the core values on the spot. RISING consistently rewarded…show more content…
From personal experience I know they stay true to their values. The do deliver WOW through their FREE expedited shipping on all items; most of the items qualify for FREE overnight shipping as well. Fun, adventures, and creativity is obvious from their website and operating practices. Growth and learning is constantly rewarded and requested. They take consideration from employees and customers. Zappos has continued to operate while staying true to their core values. The next time you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes, heels, etc. give a shot, you won’t be disappointed. 4: As a leader Jason Beans could have changed the environment. From the reading the author depicted an elementary type environment for the employees. It was as if they need permission to get out of their seats. The person who received the reward was happy yet sad because she wasn’t even sure if she would be allowed to enjoy them. Eventually Jason did exactly what he needed to do to change the environment; he brought a creative change to RISING. For that particular situation, Jason could have pulled

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