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Ashley Schenk Liberty University BUSI 642 3 June 2012 Case Study 3 Building Assets to Ensure That the Lowest-Level Employees Are Not Left Behind According to the case study, managers are undoubtedly conscious of the convincing indication that authorizes that companies stand to increase when they distribute their profits with personnel. Furthermore, the article demonstrates how managers are mindful of the disagreement that to interest favorably experienced workers, companies must offer bonuses like higher salaries and stock options. This study detonates the misunderstanding that fiscal incentives function too inversely across the corporate scale to be exchangeable to low-level employees. Through widespread examination of asset…show more content…
71). It is believed that profit-sharing really helps build assets in various ways and employees desire to feel as if they are being sufficiently compensated for the function they are accomplishing for the organization. According to research developed in the case study, it can be in the company’s greatest interest to assist employees in building assets, because personnel were more expected to finish out the year if they understood it would guarantee them a bonus (Contemporary issues in human resource management: Case Studies, 2011, pg. 74). Likewise, the analysis discovered personnel would be encouraged to work harder if they anticipated a profit on their efforts by warranting bonuses that amplified in relation to their efficiency (Contemporary issues in human resource management: Case Studies, 2011, pg. 74). However, it is challenging to overstress the magnitude to which most supervisors and the individuals who recommend them consider the liberating power of rewards. According to abundant reports in laboratories, workplaces, classrooms, and other settings, rewards characteristically destabilize the very practices they are envisioned to enrich (Kohn, pg.54). Research recommends that, rewards are successful at securing impermanent and provisional fulfillment and compliance. In regards to generating long-term adjustment in mindsets and performance, nonetheless, rewards, similar to reprimands, are interestingly unsuccessful

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