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Nikki Hoffman-Schepers Language and Standardized Testing In today's society, we continually see an influx in immigrants on an annual basis. The majority of these immigrant students are subsequently placed in English as a Second Language (ESL) courses due to their low skill level in the English language. Have ESL students in the classroom certainly raises more questions than it does answers, as teachers are faced with various new situations in helping ESL students better understand not only the English language, but the English culture as well. Another difficulty that is faced is exactly what methods teachers need to be implementing in their goals of better acclimating students to the English language. The school board needs to allow…show more content…
I believe that these assessments should also still be written in the English language, though the instructor should do their best to omit any unnecessary linguistic convolution. There is no need to overload the students more than they already are. The material should be clear, concise, and to the point so that ESL students will not unnecessarily struggle. Implementation of performance assessments will allow teachers to further evaluate ESL students and their understanding of the English language. Having this better understanding will very likely show that plenty of ESL students deserve advancement to the mainstream courses. One question that may arise when administering tests to students is whether or not schools subject tests should be given in a language of the student's choosing. I am fully against this notion of having students choose the language their tests are in because it would essentially defeat the entire purpose in understanding the English language. The more they must become acclimated to the English language, whether it be through essays, in class activities, or homework, the more well off they will be down the road in grasping the English language. Seeing as how English in the primary language of the United States, I find it counterproductive to take subject tests in any language aside from English. In order for this to work however, certain steps must be taken to assure the

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