Essay on Case Study 4-Churchill

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Churchill believes the Soviet Union "desires the fruits of war and the indefinite expansion of their power and doctrines." How might those expansionist desires -challenge the Western principle of national political self determination? ( ones own free will for determining their own political status) a cause it championed during World War 2? Churchill's speech presented the thought that the Soviet Union's trying to establish communism in Eastern European government and around the world. I believe that Churchill seems to present what he thinks will be a feasible solution to combat the threat of war by relying on the United Nations and his belief of how efficient he sees them all. Churchill gives new hope to this process and makes the…show more content…
Churchill's speech acknowledges "Russia's need to be secure on her western borders," but at the same time it raises concerns about Soviet actions in Eastern Europe. Is Churchill being inconsistent? Or does he provide concrete justifications for those concerns? Churchill introduces the situation at hand using the metaphor that has become part of history, of an “iron curtain” to explain the upcoming division of the Soviet influenced States of Eastern Europe and the self-governed Free States of Western Europe. This is a base that Churchill uses to distinguish the intentions of democracy versus communism. He believes that everywhere there is war, you are likely to find the threat of communism. He beings to talk about seeking to establish conditions for freedom and democracy. Given Russia's history of being invaded with large death numbers, they wanted to increase the security. Churchill said that Soviet power needs to be stopped. They planned to take over Eastern Europe, communists began to take over. Communists are blocking Europe and are a huge threat to ever having unification. Both sides were in the same view point as one another and one thing they had in common was they both hated one another. Stalin didn't want the democrats from the west to ever overtake Eastern Europe. Not giving the people certain rights. This proves that Churchill was not
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