Case Study : ' A Beauty Supply Shop '

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To Build or Buy
Natalie Price
Dr. Roy Fune
BUS 402 – Small Business Management
July 31, 2016 To Build or Buy
A beauty supply shop is a highly competitive retail in today’s world. A small beauty supply store can provide huge benefits and requires the least investment. In this concern, some aspects can be considered in this paper to explain it in detail. These are as below.
Strategy for a Business Concept
A business concept strategy that would directly compete with the beauty supply store needs a business plan to know how to meet and beat the competition. Therefore, a beauty supply store business can consider following aspect as a strategy for a business concept to gain a competitive edge and what set the company apart from the competition. Defining what makes the company unique in the eyes of the customers.
The Defining the Business and Vision: The first step of the beauty supply business would be started through defining the business and vision in order to make a driving force of the business and clarify the vision (Kim & Mauborgne, 2013). The business would think about the customer, the business, and products/services that bring unique value to customers and the growth of the business. Further, it would also consider a plan for growth and opportunity to take primary competitive advantage in the market.
Goal Setting: The beauty supply business would establish goals with a brief description of the general level of accomplishment sought. The main goal of the business
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