Case Study: A-Binoojii Daycare

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Small spaces can be challenging but is something that A-Binoojii Daycare is very familiar with. The center is licensed family child care program and is housed in a rather small home. For years, the staff have worked to create an early learning environment that is engaging to the children in care and allows staff to have easy access to the items that they need as well. During our time together, the staff identified one of the biggest challenges the center faces as organizing and storing materials in ways that are accessible to both the children and staff (as appropriate) while keeping a professional and organized appearance. As a result of this concern, a mission was set to make better use of some of the adult spaces so items could be moved to cupboards as well as working to organize the children’s supplies into well labeled storage…show more content…
It was fun to see the transformation as the cupboard shelves were re-organized so the staff could easily glance and see items as well as how spaces in other areas could be opened up in new ways to make them more appealing to families when they
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