Case Study : A Business Case

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A business case is a well-reason argument which is documented to convince a decision maker for an action by considering the changes, risks involved and cost. It has to articulate a clear path to ROI. For complex issues, business case must be documented. For many projects, business case may not be clear so documentation is required. A well-crafted business case outlines all the necessary feasible approaches for a given problem and business owners can be able to choose the option that best suits the organization. A business case document must outline the strengths and weaknesses with justification both perspectives like taking a required action and influences caused by not taking an action. It should be an argument for the implementation. A business case is consisting of information, recommendations, and analysis. It has a problem statement defined to solve, its severity, and complexity. It gives a choice for a decision maker, by relating the features, costs and benefits, and stakeholder’s impacts for every option. The business case states about the assumptions, estimates made, and weaknesses in the underlying data. A business case will have all of the following elements:  A brief and compelling problem statement  A mission statement which defines the problem  A description of the specific objectives, which are to be achieved.  A description of preferred approach  A statement of the benefits that denotes the concerns of all the stakeholders  Measures for an improved

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