Case Study : A Cloud Aware Object Storage System

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CASE STUDY: A CLOUD-AWARE OBJECT STORAGE SYSTEM (CADOS) Major Internet services are required to process tremendous amount of data at real time. As we put these services under the magnifying glass, we see that distributed object storage systems play an important role at back-end in achieving this success. Backends of most object storage systems maximize throughput by means of caching and distributing the load over multiple storage servers, and ensuring fault-tolerance by file replication at server-side. However, these systems are designed to retrieve small-sized data from large-scale data centers, such as photos in Facebook (Beaver et al., 2010) and query suggestions in Twitter (Mishne et al., 2012), designed specifically to meet the high…show more content…
By this way, the proposed approach might offload data preparation phase out of storage servers and provide an efficient resource retrieval way by approaching a web application to modern distributed client using scalable web services and backend system. The implemented cloud-aware distributed object storage system (CADOS) leverages online cloud storage system, Amazon S3; but transcends its limitations and retrieves data in high performance via HTML5-enabled web browser. Although the storage system is using Amazon S3 for storing data, it’s not bound to specific cloud environment in design. The benefits of the implemented storage system are listed below: 1. Data striping is a technique that advocates data partitioning across multiple storage nodes and then clients can retrieve stripes in parallel directly communicating with storage nodes. We used this technique to go beyond the file size limitation of the underlying cloud storage and gain high performance. 2. Disaster recovery is a phenomenon that in case of disaster on the data center such as earthquake or nuclear disaster. If data become inaccessible for some reason, the software system starts serving backup data to avoid interruption of system and data loss. CADOS automatically backups the objects on a data center which is geographically distant from the source. 3. Although the storage system can be used by various types of clients, we designed the system
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