Case Study : A Gaming Application

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Executive Summary:-
Legealian is a gaming application that was started by college students and needs an investment for adding new features that could make it comparatively different from its existing competitors. They want to add offline features to their application as most of their competitors only operate their games online, with the use of the Internet. This report will provide an insight about the potential investors that would value its features, the investment plan and the returns on the project. Moreover, the report will display a detailed analysis and what could be the possible investment pitches and what is the potential investors exit plans to help reduce the risk in investment and have high returns in the project. Possible investment pitch one- an initial investment of half a million pounds for having 20% equity with shareholder rights. Pitch two- an initial investment of one million pounds for the return of the investment in four years and two months. Pitch three- an initial investment of one million pounds with a share of profit of 10% for 10 consecutive years.

Gaming Application Profile:

Legealian is the gaming application was released in 2011 and currently has access to 13% of the total United Kingdom’s gaming market share. It is an online and offline gaming platform of both online and offline activities. In the online gaming it provides games of sports and other games to bridge a gap of only one type of game for each application, to have a…
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