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Prepare Operational budgets
Assessment 3 – CASE STUDY – A Kraft Foods UK
Question 1: Matching
- Income and expenditure budget: show how much an organisation expects to earn and spend in future periods
- Production budget: set out how much a company intends to produce in future periods
- Profit budget: set out planned future sales, costs and profit figures.
- Sales budget: provides a starting point to the budgeting process outlining planned sales
Question 2: Matching
- Rolling budgets: starting out from scratch with a fresh piece of paper to create a budget
- Activity based budgeting: building plans for change, based on ongoing evaluation of results
- Zero based budgeting: ranking optional expenditures on various possible activities
- Strategic budgeting: identifying opportunities and creating plans to seize these opportunities
Question 3: why is budgeting important to an organisation?
The budgeting is very important for any organisation because:
- The budget is an important issue and is leading the event. Budget decisions organizing the event may be whether or not the event as well as goals, scope event.
- The budget must be quantified: this means that the budget must be indicated by the figure.
- The budget must be prepared in advance: Table budgets must be planned ahead of time that budget implementation. The data in real time or after the budget may also be important, but not as part of the budget table.
- The budget is a plan of action table: this is the

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