Case Study: A Melbourne Christian School

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A Melbourne Christian school’s refusal last year to admit a five-year-old Sikh boy because of his turban is wrong and is a violation of the Equal Opportunities act, according to a tribunal’s ruling.
On Sep. 19, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) ruled in favor of Sagardeep Singh Arora and his wife Anureet in their complaint against Melton Christian College’s (MCC) refusal to enroll their son Sidhak because he wears a patka (children’s turban). The tribunal found that the school discriminated against the Sikh boy and that its ban on the headdress was wrong, the AAP detailed.
“Whilst MCC is a Christian school, it has an open enrolment policy which means that it accepts enrolments of students from other faiths,” said VCAT member
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