Case Study : ' A New Boss ' And ' The Nortic Business Family '

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Tameshia Branch MGMT 615, Summer 2015 1. When you started the scenario what were your assumptions about how a new boss should act in this scenario? What leadership style did you try initially? How did it work with Oli? Why? My character, Corey, is new to the Nortic business family. I would expect a new boss to be approachable and friendly and familiarize themselves with subordinates to analyze their skills, behavior, and abilities. I initially tried the participative leadership style in this scenario. Oli is younger, but experienced call-center member within Nortic, therefore I believed he required a more participative approach. However, with this particular leadership style, Oli was not relaxed enough to introduce his ideas. His high tension was due to Corey’s focus on the business objectives of setting up his computer and creating his business cards, which were of little importance to Oli. Unbeknownst to Corey, Oli’s hidden ideas were designed to improve employee satisfaction or morale but remained hidden due to Oli’s high tension. The trade-off of having high financial performance and customer satisfaction scores with the participative approach was low employee morale. 2. Did you gain and use personal influence in the conversations? What tactics helped you gain personal influence? Corey [I] not only gained personal influence but also used this personal influence by remaining silent, asking Oli questions and allowing Oli a moment to introduce his ideas. Taking a

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