Case Study : A New Juice Company

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Suppose a new juice company is attempting to penetrate the market. In order for their brand to be recognized, they need to create a logo clearly shows what company they are, a logo that clearly shows what the product is and it all needs to be able to attract attention to potential buyers as they walk through the grocery store. Suppose a large corporation wants to ensure that their brand is still thought upon highly and not going out of style. What all these companies would traditionally conduct is a survey. They would ask the survey taker a question about their impression of a new design or current brand and compare it against other potential designs or competitors. However, these traditional surveys lacks one important element which is the first impression. When taking a survey, you rarely are under a time-limit and they will occasionally even ask the taker to type out their response. This method would completely drop their first impression since by then, the user would’ve had plenty of time to think about the product, something that may not happen when someone walks through the grocery store aisle and gives each bottle of juice only a passing glance.
The main problem the juice company would need to solve is which design is the best at attracting customers and clearly showing what the brand is. Traditionally, the answer would be to conduct a survey. The questions could include questions like which logo would be better on the front of a container of juice or which packaging…
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