Case Study : A Perfect Strategic Management Model

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Question #2- DBA Core Question (Program Outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4) Compare and contrast two strategic management models from the literature. Analyze and evaluate their implications for effectively managing an organization in its first attempts to penetrate into the global market. Briefly describe the organization you chose for this analysis and then identify which country it might initiate its first global penetration and why. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each model to manage the globalization effort? How would the models meet the needs of the business and the challenges it would face in adapting to the new cultural diversity and ethical expectations upon entering the global market you identified. Support your writing with current…show more content…
Which ever model an organization chooses for a strategic planning model the questions illustrated in the diagram below should always be a consideration in the planning process. Compare and Contrast Two Strategic Management Models Kurt Lewins change management model exist as a simple strategic management model that has the ability to handle complex problems involved with organizational change (Lavassuer, 2001). Lewins model can examine failures in introducing new processes, products, services, and technology into organizations as well as identify the role of leadership and management to facilitate successful change (Lavassuer, 2001). Lewins model stresses changes on management tools to enhance organizational development in real world situations (Lavassuer, 2001). The three-step change model explains the first step as changing behavior by unfreezing the current situation. The first step of Lewin’s model describes how to cut through barriers to change thereby increasing the chances for a successful change initiative (Lavassuer, 2001). The first step makes way for the second step transition and allows change to occur by supporting movement. The third and final step refreeze allows the change to stick encouraging major change to stick (Lavassuer, 2001). Kurt Lewin’s strategic management model stresses change and describes clearly the broad steps that management and leadership must take for success. Kurt Lewin taught at the University of Berlin but entered the
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