Case Study : A Private Equity Backed Company Essay

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1. What is motivating you to look at this time?

I recently left a private equity backed company due to a change in the company’s overall strategy. As a result of the change, my position was eliminated. 2. Why do you want to work at Taylor Communications?

I have been aware of Taylor for many years. I have also been a supplier to Taylor in two of my prior roles. Most recently, all of Taylor’s acquisition activity and transformational efforts has stimulated my desire to be part of what is being built at Taylor Communications. My deep insight into this industry, coupled with my background and experience, could help accelerate the transformation of the company. Although Taylor has been around for many years, I almost see the company as a “diamond in the rough”. I’m excited about the products, services and technology Taylor possesses to help companies communicate their message. I see Taylor as somewhat of a “great secret” in the marketplace. My current understanding of the people, business practices and capabilities of Taylor all contribute to my desire to at least investigate whether there is a good match between us or not.

3. What defines success as a leader?

My experience shows that the success of a leader is based on their ability to exhibit servant leadership in such a way that compels people to want to follow them into any situation or circumstance they are facing, with the belief that the leader will guide and shepherd the group in such a way that
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