Case Study: A Runaway Daughter and Her Mother

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The presenting problem is that Vanessa runs away.
Conceptualization of the Problem
The hierarchy seems inconsistent in this family. It seems that the therapist is on top of the hierarchy with the mother and children underneath her. Working for Child Protective Services the therapist holds the most power and authority. The mother doesn’t have clear and consistent authority in the family. In terms of functioning there are no clearly defined roles in the subsystems. There is a diffuse boundary between the executive subsystem and the sibling subsystem this result in a confusion of roles. The mother is acting more like a peer in the sibling subsystem fighting for power and influence with her children. Within the sibling subsystem it seems that Anthony is on top of the hierarchy and Vanessa seems to be the least powerful member. She seems to be isolated and excluded. This is evidenced by the fact that she had her own room before Anthony moved back in. With Anthony moving in she had to move out her room and move in with mom. In this context Anthony has more power than mom and this places him above his mother in the hierarchy. While the relationship between the couple subsystem is severed, as a parent Elda has a diffused boundary between her children. When Elda was in a homeless shelter she abdicated her authority and started to…
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