Case Study: A Spell For Acceptance At Howard University

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Sydney A. Hall
Dr. Brien Garnand
Interdisciplinary Humanities: Ancient and Modern
4 November 2016

A Spell for Acceptance is a poetic motif of what a prospective student may encounter at Howard University as they matriculate into the college environment. It begins from the time a student receives their acceptance letter and entails the rights of passage that one must experience in order to become a true Bison. The original author(s) are unknown, however research suggests that the text itself dates back to the year 1866 (One year prior to the establishment of the Howard University Kingdom). These texts were only used prior to the advent of a student's college career.
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While it begins with the student being lost to the fray of university life, it guides the transfer student toward a suitable place and major at HU. A Spell for a Transfer:
O Lord of Scholars
This student knows not her classification4
This student knows not of a single scholarship

O Royal Bison
Behold! This student is a transfer

O Great One who vanquishes student discord
O Powerful One who clarifies academic confusion

O Lord of
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My purity is the purity of a hard worker who is passionate about cultivating her skill-set. I am one who is self-actualized and altruistic. I am one who will not be defeated. I am one who has seen life after Howard. I shall not be burdened on the land of the Mecca. I shall not be encumbered by the weight of my textbooks. I shall not be thwarted by the earliness of my classes.

O Merciless one who has emerged from the parking realm, I have paid the meter
O Campus Stop Light that refuses to change, I have not been impatient9

Hail to the Lord of the HU Campus a Who oversees the great land, and sees students over into their bright futures10 b Who devotes himself to the land of Bisons and who's Bisons devote themselves to thee c Praise to our commander who praises hardworking
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