Case Study: ABC Hospital

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Job Description: ABC Hospital Summer Administrative Internship

ABC Hospital Summer Administrative Internship is an exciting 12-week summer program located in Pittsburgh, PA. It is designed to provide young leaders healthcare management experience, and prepare them to assume leadership positions in the healthcare field. Interns will learn about all aspects of health care delivery, and tailor their experience around specific areas of interest. Each intern will be matched to a preceptor, who will work with the intern to define and execute projects of interest. At the end of the program, interns will present their project findings to the senior executive team of ABC Hospital.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Participate in a two-week hospital
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Peter uses a great format for his resume. He has clear headings for each section, and he uses reverse-chronological order to list his education and experience. He uses bullet points to list the job responsibilities for each position, and he starts off each bullet point with an action verb.

2. Length
Peter’s resume is under two pages, which is appropriate for the amount of work experience he has had. He is concise and avoids writing long paragraphs in his resume.

3. Proofreading
A resume should be free of grammatical and spelling error. Peter’s resume has one error on the second page under the section “Leadership and Extracurriculars”. The first sentence is “Competed for Varsity Duke Track & Field Team”. A more appropriate sentence is, “Competed for Duke University’s Varsity Track & Field Team”.

4. Relevant
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Can you describe a time when you were a leader of a project, and how you executed the project while working as part of a team?

Leadership skills and teamwork skills are core competencies for this administrative summer internship. I want to know if Peter possesses these skills, and whether Peter has demonstrated these skills at a previous job

8. Tell me about a time when you delivered a presentation to a large group, and why you think it was successful.

The job description requires candidates to have exceptional communication skills in the English language. I want to know if Peter has previous public speaking experience, and I want to hear his logic to why he thinks it was a great presentation

9. Can you describe a time when you are required to learn a skill or process in a short amount of time? How did you learn quickly?

The healthcare environment is very fast-paced, prone to changes, and filled with unpredictable events. I want to know if Peter can work in a fast-paced environment, if he can learn quickly, and if he can adapt to rapid
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