Case Study : Aar Corp : A Airline Aviation Service

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AAR CORP is a airline aviation service for airplane where the company service and sale parts for airplanes. The AAR Corp along with its subsidiaries is engaged in providing products & services including overhaul, repair & engineering services to aviation & government & defense markets. The company Sale and lease OEM parts and products. It is also engaged in design, manufacture and repair of transportation pallets. AAR 's also has an Services that supply shelters, command and control (C4) systems, cold chain containers, and airlift operations for military and humanitarian missions. This mission is to perform a variety of missions to aid those in need or any type of humanitarian crisis.
Company’s stock is listed on the American Stock Exchange. 1973 AAR acquires Airponents, Inc. and Standair, Inc. and merges these two repair companies with Mars Aircraft Radio, forming AAR Technical Service Center. The business is later renamed Aircraft Component Services – New York. 1980 AAR.
AAR began as a vision and a venture, a small entrepreneurial enterprise providing equipment for the newly emerging commercial aviation industry. A leading aftermarket support company to the aviation industry, AAR Corp. trades aircraft parts and whole planes, overhauls engines and airframes, and manufactures certain components. It has maintenance facilities in New York, London, The Netherlands, Oklahoma, Connecticut, and Miami. Containers and cases and mobile military…

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