Case Study : Aar Corp : A Airline Aviation Service

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AAR CORP is a airline aviation service for airplane where the company service and sale parts for airplanes. The AAR Corp along with its subsidiaries is engaged in providing products & services including overhaul, repair & engineering services to aviation & government & defense markets. The company Sale and lease OEM parts and products. It is also engaged in design, manufacture and repair of transportation pallets. AAR 's also has an Services that supply shelters, command and control (C4) systems, cold chain containers, and airlift operations for military and humanitarian missions. This mission is to perform a variety of missions to aid those in need or any type of humanitarian crisis. AAR CORP HISTORY Company’s stock is…show more content…
Today, AAR is a global provider of aviation services to the global aerospace and defense industry. The Company’s successful track record can be attributed to AAR’s close-to-the-customer approach, the entrepreneurial spirit of our people and the solid foundation of our past. The company started in the 1950’s and was called the I.A. Allen Industries. The company supplied radios to aircrafts for confirmation aviation. Which was located moved to an office in Chicago in 1951. In 1962 the company moved to Elk Grove Village, Illinois once again changing its name to Allen Aircraft Radio. In 1965 the company move to a larger location and began an onsite FFA repair station, specializing in avionics. In 1967 AAR went public with a share price of $10 raising over $1 million dollars. The company reach $5.3 million in market capitalization. Again in 1969 the company changed its name to AAR. In 1971 the company started and aircraft maintenance business at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma. After adding four more hangars the company then changed its name again to AAR AIRCRAFT SERVICES. In 1772 AAR Craft stock was listed on the stock exchange. In 1973 the company merged with Stainder Inc which is another repair company in the same business. By 1980 AAR listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 1981 the company acquired Brook and Perkins Inc. a manufacture of cargo increasing military markets. In 1982 the company opened a Singapore office. The
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