Case Study : Abbotsford School District

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Case Study – Abbotsford School District Abbotsford School District Secures Its Network and Enables BYOD with Bradford Networks Network Sentry Integrates with Palo Alto Networks to Enable Abbotsford School District to Rapidly Remediate Cyber Threats and Incidents. The Abbotsford School District in the city of Abbotsford, BC, has about 18,500 students and 2,100 teachers and staff at its 46 schools. Every classroom has wireless devices including document cameras, projectors and a laptop/desktop for the teacher. The district also provides tablets, laptops and lab devices for students — about 10,000 devices total. But the district’s network was under siege. Students were flooding the network with their cell phones, taking up valuable bandwidth…show more content…
There’s a VLAN for district-owned devices used for learning in the classroom and labs; a BYOD network for teachers, staff and special-needs students; and one for students and guests, which for safety and bandwidth management reasons is routed outside the district to the Provincial Learning Network. “Now you can walk into any facility and Network Sentry will automatically recognize your device and put you on the right network,” says Shelley. Recent initiatives necessitated changes to the BYOD networks. Devices must now be routed through the firewalls to filter web sites and content yet remain independent of networked servers and printers. “Thanks to Network Sentry, we can do this easily,” Shelley added. Shelley specifically highlights Network Sentry’s flexible network access and remediation policies if a device is out of compliance. “We now have the ability to specify where, when and how we want to allow access. As an IT Director, this is one project where we haven’t had a lot of resistance.” In addition to controlling access, Network Sentry detects and identifies devices that are already on the network. “We discovered more than 1,000 unregistered, rogue
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