Case Study About Pneumonia

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I. INTRODUCTION This is the case of patient MCS, a 62 year old female who came to Ospital ng Guiginto with a chief complaint of productive cough with associated difficulty of breathing & intermittent fever. She was admitted on July 16, 2012. She was diagnosed with Pneumonia with manifestations of Asthma. Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lung parenchyma commonly caused by microbial agents. Classically, pneumonia has been categorized as being bacterial or typical, atypical, anaerobic/cavitary, or opportunistic. Another classification scheme categorizes pneumonias as community-acquired (CAP), hospital-acquired (HAP or nosocomial), pneumonia in the immunocompromised host, and aspiration pneumonia. Those at risk for pneumonia often have…show more content…
Based on the studies done by the Department of Health, it is the leading cause of child mortality since 2006, accounting for 23.18%. * Reason for Choosing the Case Study We have chosen this case to present because we were interested in it. We have studied this in our lecture in Medical-Surgical Nursing so we wanted to use this knowledge to the real-life setting and get used to it. We are willing to do this case to challenge our mind in analyzing the problem and to enhance our hidden knowledge, and also to gain new experiences which would bring new learning for the members of the group. We want to be able to achieve our objectives for this case study. * Objectives of the Case Study A. Client-Centered Objectives a. Knowledge * To understand more the disease process that the patient is undergoing. * To impart knowledge to the patient and significant others about the disease. * To help the patient in managing the disease using appropriate health teachings. b. Skills * To improve the patient’s wellness by applying the interventions we acquire from this study. * To perform appropriate examinations to the patient. * To render appropriate nursing interventions that will yield good progress regarding the patient’s condition. c. Attitude * To promote rapport with our patient for therapeutic intervention. * To serve our client with holistic care and
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