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What challenges?
In order to figure out what challenges struggle Denny Brown; it is necessary to review his personal experiences briefly. First of all, Brown is the chief information officer of the company Pinnacle West (PWC), and its largest subsidiary is Arizona Public Service (APS). This company operated businesses about providing energy utility to public; APS also partly owned and operated the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Generating Station. According to the case, Palo Verde used to be the largest power facility in the United States and played a significant role in power supplication for southwest United States.
This case happened during the economy recession recently. Overall, the point views from the company were claimed from the
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Otherwise, it is also possible to promote the process orientation among managers. Because of managers’ occupational power, grassroots employees can be guided by units’ managers directly.
Promoting a grassroots strategy among business people is a mission that the company has to input amount of cash flow and time to train employees. But the goal of popularizing process orientation is to driven bottom-up and to be implemented, PWC did working on the grassroots strategy very well.
For example, PWC’s process orientation for IT department showed that they built a framework in APS. Security, budget management and service performance are three aspects of the foundation which help to achieve high availability and high service levels. The motto “Technology drives business. Business is a moving target” drove this strategy. Then, professional development and key projects from core area in IT strategy framework help to achieving business process transformation. At last, business transformation of innovation area always focused on creating process change abilities, methodologies and equipment. All of three areas in IT process orientations represent that this grassroots strategy was able to build a stable framework to develop and solve IT struggles as clear as possible and business process transformation can also be handled comprehensively and
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