Case Study : Acme Wan Design

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Acme WAN Design
After carefully reviewing the system requirements that are outlined in Appendix A, I have come to the conclusion that the Acme Company would be better serived if it would to deploy WAN to interconnect their sites which are located throughout the U.S. as well as China. Acme Headquarters is located in Altanta, Georgia as well as the Engineering Department which is located across the street. Inside headquaters are the Accounting offices, Marking, Corprate offices,and adminstrations. In addition, the company also has three distribution centers that are located in Chicago, Phoenix, and New York, while having their manufacturing plant is currently located in China. With this my recommendation is to implement A Wide Area Network (WAN). In doing so you will be able to miniumize costs by interconnecting all the offices and staff members. In order to decrease spending even more a telecommunications system will be implemented. This implemantation will allow each of the company’s sites the ability to carry-out video conferencing or voice calls, which would essentially enable the company to perform their jobs more perficatice by allowing each of the sites to connect remotely. establish a functional networking system that would essentially allow the company to carry-out its operations more effectively.

Network Design I would recommend the star topology and use cisco routers and switches as well as CAT5E cabling. In colse is a digram that
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