Case Study : Acworth Systems, Richard And Tom Acworth

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Hathai Nissapawanich 1337520 Case 10 : Acworth Systems Richard and Tom Acworth made their company’s structure with the very strong concept. They want their employees working on the same attitude by spending time on talking and sharing visions. They had few rules and cut formal things as much as they can. Hence, employees worked together and they could own decision by no one force them. Their company grew so fast for two years. The company became much bigger and then it was like switching off. Everything was messy and it was like no one co-work anymore. Question 1 : What do you think is the primary problem at Acworth Systems? This system seemed to be so nice. Everyone had a freedom at work. On the one hand, the good thing about this was employees doing jobs in the good mood. But on the other hand it may be a double- edged sword. I can match their management style with the loose management concept. They focused on the members ' commitment and respect. Sagie et al.(2002, p.303-320) indicated that the workers’ performance didn’t change in any case of loose or tight leadership, but these impacted on the motivation of employees. Loose leadership could support the autonomous behaviour of subordinates. To my mind, the Acworth systems were the extremely loose organisation, opened for individual working. Namely, employees inclined to empower on own decision making without members accompaniment. Just a small point, their company started with only 20 employees. This was

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