Case Study - Adu Campus & Dorms

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Spring 2012
Sustainability in the Built Environment
CIV 405
Section 1
Case study:
ADU campus sustainability

|Name |ID |
|Ahmad A. A. Inshasi |1002534 |
|Hasan Haytham Al Sadeq |1007151 |
|Abdallah Talal Al Mansour |1013397 |
|Umar M. Farooq Mirza
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As we know, many resources of the earth are exhaustible and nowadays we are living in the urban renaissance that required a lot of resources all the time. Most of the people are using the resources of the earth with the least amount of knowledge of the dangers that may happen to our world. People are being selfish and ignoring the fact that our behavior and practices are the biggest threat for the safety of the earth. (Sustainability, 2001)
This project will mainly discuss the sustainable and unsustainable practices at ADU campus and dorms and we are going to discuss the possible solutions to apply the concepts of sustainability and sum up with recommendations that may be useful tips to be used in the future for the following projects in Abu Dhabi University and other projects in the world.

ADU classes

[pic] [pic] “Figure 1” “figure 2”
[pic] [pic] “Figure 3” “figure 4”
We are going to discuss the following: • Chairs and tables: the chairs and tables of ADU “Figure 1” are made from un-sustainable materials which consume a lot of (wood, iron, cloth) that need a lot of materials because of the big numbers of chairs and tables needed in ADU. We can use the relief chairs which are made of recycle and recyclable materials which need small amount of fuel and other resources to make. We can use some screws instead of glue which is not sustainable
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