Case Study : Adult Geriatric Pneumonia

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Jefferson College of Health Sciences
SIMS LAB EXPERIENCE – ADULT Geriatric pneumonia Reflection
Date: ___02/05/2015______ Student ____Stephanie Klik_______________ Instructor Carol Bailey
Do not take notes during the simulation. This write up should be a reflection of what you learned.
1. Describe the assessment findings for your patient.

• The patient was having difficulty breathing, SPO2 89%, and upon collecting a sputum sample we discovered he had thick mucus. Listening to his lungs we hear rumbling associated with breathing which we determined to be mucous he was unable to cough up. The patient definitely had the signs of pneumonia in a geriatric patient. There was no fever, no cough but definite signs of cognitive problems
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We applied a nasal cannula at 2% oxygen and monitored it to ensure SP02 >95%. We also elevated the head of his bed, to promote a patent airway, and encouraged the patient to drink water when he felt thirsty. We also educated his daughter on the reasons for performing these interventions and what she could do to help. We also educated the patient on the proper coughing technique to facilitate maintenance of a patent airway. Finally, we educated the patient and his daughter on how to use, and the importance of the use of the incentive spirometer

4. What medications did you administer to this patient? Why did you give them? What was the patient’s response to these medications? What should you monitor / nursing responsibilities?
Medication given Why given? Patient’s response Monitoring
Ultram Pain Patient responded that his pain had decreased Pain assessment prior to and after administration. Patient said he could not swallow pills so we called down to get applesauce and crush the pill so he could take it.
Insulin- NPH and REG Blood sugar of 258 Patient reported feeling better and ready for breakfast We ensured his tray was ordered and had arrived to not cause hypoglycemia.
Gentamicin Infection We answered questions from his daughter as to why this was safe even though he was allergic to Erythromycin. Explained to daughter that it was a different drug class. Monitored pump
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