Case Study: Adult Protective Community Work

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This memo is a request to have Kellie Shelton, Adult Protective Community Worker II with the Bureau of DSDS-HCS Region 3, placed on Conditional Employment. I am requesting Conditional Employment for Kellie Shelton as she has not met the objectives set forth in the work plan that began on May 16, 2016.

Kellie Shelton was placed on a work plan on May 16, 2016 to improve her performance of adhering to all time frames for class one’s and class two hotline reports, consulting with APCS weekly for updates and feedback on reports and allegations, be able to address what evidence was collected and used to determine the status of each case. Kellie expectations during the work plan included that all written findings must be entered in Case Compass
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Her overall performance score was 4.2 which indicated she was performing within the successful range. Although her overall performance score was successful at the end of 2015 Kellie Shelton had more than 10 cases past due. Throughout the first three months of 2016 Kellie’s individual scores in the areas of Knowledge of Work and Quality of Work were not , with scores of 3 and 3, respectively. This justified a need for immediate improvement and a Performance Improvement Plan was implemented.

In an effort to assist Kellie Shelton in reducing her past due hotlines; we implemented the Performance Improvement Plan. This local plan included developing plans of actions where Kellie would be responsible for completing and closing 10 past due hotlines every two weeks. In addition, we required Kellie Shelton to update her outlook calendar daily if necessary with modifications to assure she was completing F2F visits and adhering to time management of completing cases within the 60th calendar day. Kellie showed no improvement after 4 months which justified a need for a work
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Kellie Shelton’s inability to complete F2F visits within the allotted time frames put Senior’s at risk. Seniors were put in an extreme vulnerable risk when home visits were not completed. Kellie Shelton’s lack of completing documentation in case compass, gathering evidence to prove/disapprove the allegations and the inability to follow up and complete cases within 60th calendar day put Seniors at risk. There were times when the lack of information in case compass was missing which place the RA at risk
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