Case Study: Aids, Condoms and Carnival

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AIDS, Condoms, and Carnival 1. Comment on the Brazilian and Indian governments’ strategies for the prevention of AIDS via the marketing of condoms. I think the Brazilian government’s strategies is good, because they are allowing the prevention of contract AIDS, because they are getting closer to a big part of Brazilian people that could be in high risk of contracting or that are already infected with the incurable ailment; however, its necessary that the government makes another strategy for an attack in an effective way. That’s why I think it is necessary to make programs of sexual education to all the Brazilian population especially in the poor sector and the youth, which are the most vulnerable ones. Unlike the Brazilian…show more content…
3. Would the approaches described in Brazil and India work in the United States? Why or why not? I think that this approach wouldn’t work in the United Staes because these three countries have a very different culture, that makes the people act or have another reaction when someone has to talk about the prevention of the AIDS, for example, the people in United States feel free about buying condoms that’s why the Brazilian approach of giving condoms in carnivals wouldn’t work, and also the Indian approach of giving the condoms freely in barber shops will be awkward for the americans. Also they can talk with their couples about safe sex and made academic programs of sexual education directed to schools and universities, which would be another reason why the India strategic wouldn’t work. 4. Suggest additional ways that London International Group could promote the prevention of AIDS through the use of condoms worldwide. We suggest that London international Group can promote the prevention of AIDS worldwide by making campaigns directly in schools and universities to teach all about STDs and promote their products showing the importance of using condoms as a way to prevent diseases. The other way that London International Group could promote the prevention of AIDS would be making advertising campaigns focus on the use of condoms as a preventative way of contract STDs, an example of this campaigns is making commercials that shows a

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