Case Study: Almarai Company

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• Strategy Formulation & Selection Problem Statement & Sub-problems
Almarai suffers from a decrease in net income (net income include sales, cross profit and operating income) due to its low purchasing value due to its economic value and some political matters. In this table we review the net income of Almarai Company from 2005 to 2016 and how the net profit increased when things were normal but in the period the current company is experiencing a decline in its sales as seen in (

Political problems

Weak performance of staff which affects production

Increase competitors

Some political problems in the region have affected the company's sales in some countries


Competition in the market share

Routine performance and lack creative things
Increase the number of products by competitors
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• Alternative Definitions
Many solutions have to be proposed to return the profits of the company to normal in the market and avoid the proportion of the decline in the simple stock market and this table helps to propose solutions and choose the best solution through the classification of solutions and choose the highest assessment. S1, S2 and S3 are the alternative solution and will evaluate each alternative solution based on Increase profit, Reduce Costs, Increase future opportunities, Competitive Advantage (M1, M2,M3 and
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