Case Study: Am I Really Leader?

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Am I Really Leader?

1. Introduction
I do believe that the self-learning and/ or self-awareness is considered as one of the most important steps in order to be a real leader. The case study explains the significant role of self-awareness that represented in the story of Sally Helgesen’s real leadership
The case study covers the leadership which is linked to the authenticity of the leader. Additionally, in the case study, it was clear that Sally Helgesen didn’t have sufficient self-awareness specifically, in the starting of her journey.
In fact, she has followed her own dream to stay in New York City to achieve her dream and to become a prominent writer, but unfortunately, nothing occur.
When Sally Helgesen saw a symbol, she recalled
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Case Study Analysis
Self-awareness plays an important role in assisting the individuals to become a real or an authentic leader throughout their own career. In the case study, Sally Helgesen got a lot of experiences of self-awareness and that assist her in improving and developing her leadership abilities. In fact, she didn’t take the leadership gradually one by one, but instead she has recognized her own strengths and weaknesses through her experiences in the work and during her much travels as writer. Peter Northouse, in his textbook, “Leadership: Theory and Practice”, he showed that there are multi-components may help in developing the authentic leadership including the self-awareness.
Peter Northouse explains that the self-awareness can be through acknowledging who am I and to be aware of my feelings in addition to how I affect on other surrounding by me.
Therefore, the individual shall become a great leader and will have the confidence by his followers through his leadership
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She has issued her 1st book edition didn’t achieve the success as she planned for, but that didn’t make here upset and continue writing to achieve her dream goal. After gaining the success in her second book, she discovered that her feelings reflect on her writing in particular about her career path.
In fact, Sally Helgesen understood that her experience in writing can make her a professor, but she has to expand her knowledge and to do whatever she likes. Additionally, she acknowledge that the self-awareness is so significant in order to become an authentic leader. Moreover, Sally Helgesen has also used the transparency of relativity component. Finally, Sally Helgesen’s leadership authenticity can be described as an internal honesty perception because she was able to know her own strengths and weaknesses to manage her believe and to achieve her dream through overcoming the obstacles. Moreover, she didn’t allow external factors to affect on her dream.
Therefore, the self-awareness of Sally Helgesen and her distinct education helped her to become a known writer. So, the leadership of Sally Helgesen can be defined as an authentic
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