Case Study : An American Video Game Distribution And Development Company

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Introduction & Problem Identification

The case study “The ‘No Manager’ Company: How Does it Work?” focuses on Valve; an American video game distribution and development company. Founded by ex-Microsoft employee Gabe Newell in 1996. Valves unique no-manager based flat organisational structure has drawn a lot of attention to the videogame company. Valve firmly believes that its flat ‘no-manager based organisational structure’ influences and drives both creativity and innovation within the organisation.
One of the biggest issues Valves current organisational structure faces currently is the organisations complete lack of formal management. This paper will argue that the implementation of a formal management structure will potentially increase the productivity and performance of the organisation.
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It is incredibly difficult for an organisation to survive and function efficiently in the modern economy without any form of management structure. Structure and efficient management is needed to set clear expectations on employees, measure and observe the organisations performance and offer support through training, inspiration and encouragement (Tiffan, 2011). The Valve handbook openly states that due to the organisations structure Valve is not good at helping new people find their way, mentoring people, disseminating information internally and making predictions longer than a few months out (Valve corp). Despite Valves claims as being a truly flat organisation with no

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