Case Study: An Overview Of The Hyundai Motor Company

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INTRODUCTION: Chung Ju-yung founded Hyundai Motors in 1967. The main headquarters of this company is based in South Korea. The main area it specializes is automobile industry. They first started with assembling cars and trucks for Ford. The first car they launched was Hyundai Cortina in 1975, which was in tie-up with Ford Company. Just in 2 years period of time they were the 13th largest in the world with the share of 2% in the global retail market.

History- In just less than 50 years they became the 5th largest automaker in the world, with the sale of 4.05million cars in year 2011. By realizing that world-class experts can lead the company to earn huge profits, Chung (the founder of the
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Since the first possession structure was totally limited by Ju-Young Chung and his beneficiaries, the administration and responsibility for Motor Company totally cover. It's arranged objective and choice making procedures were vanquished by the Chung family's unified predominance and emperorship. Notwithstanding, such a patriarchal ownership and administration structure permitted Hyundai Motor Company to seek after more autonomy over its outside connections. Like when Hyundai Motor Company went into a key relationship with Ford, Ju-Young Chung declined to move his choice making power to Ford. Hyundai Motor Company picked Mitsubishi in 1972, as opposed to an individual from the America Big-3 or Toyota as its joint endeavor accomplice in light of the fact that this made it simpler for Hyundai Motor Company to secured vital autonomy over its own innovative and business sector improvement. What's more, the full monetary and work force support from Hyundai Motor Company Mother Company the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company, which was additionally claimed and oversaw by the Ju-Young Chung, gave him influence to direct Hyundai Motor Company his
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