Case Study : An Sap Business Intelligence

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Right after my graduation from the university, I have started to work as an SAP Business Intelligence/Business Warehouse Consultant in one of the largest SAP Gold Partner companies in Istanbul/Turkey for almost 2 years. My company integrates the major products of SAP and provides support services to customers. It has approximately 200 employees consisted of consultants and other employees from marketing, finance, sales and human resources. My manager uses SAP products to monitor and analyze what was our revenues and costs in a certain time period. My company do not really use analytics to analyze data to better serve customers. However, our largest client Zorlu Holding, one of the biggest companies in Turkey which provides hundreds of…show more content…
So it was a huge project; took almost 6 months with the help of 16 consultants in the team from my company, which I have earned many valuable experiences. It is vital to use high-performance business processes to this company in order to differentiate their products and services since companies in many other industries offer similar products and use comparable technology. Therefore, executing business with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and making smartest business decisions play very important role to be one step ahead of the competitors. That’s why, they were using queries, dashboards and reports to analyze data to have a better understanding of their consumers’ behavior, buying patterns and performances of their products. They also use some queries to analyze the performances of their employees and workers. Technically speaking, we have created a mutual platform with the help of SAP Business Warehouse solution from multiple datasources like SQL, Access, Excel, and so forth, according to our client’s needs and wants. To put in different way, we say ‘we make the data speak to each other’. There were “multiple versions of the truth” before we integrate the solution of SAP to the client. Almost every employee in the company use different tools and queries from several databases which leads misunderstandings and faults in data they use to analyze and they were wasting tremendous time to come to an aggreement on which data is accurate to make some
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