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Case Analysis: Cadbury Beverages, Inc. Crush Brand ® Case Analysis: Cadbury Beverages, Inc. Crush Brand ® Luis Villagomez Grand Canyon University MKT 450 September 23, 2012 Case Analysis: Cadbury Beverages, Inc. Crush Brand ® The carbonated soft drink production industry encompasses firms that blend various ingredients with carbonated water and also package and distribute for resale (IBIS World). With the full industry definition that Cadbury Beverages is a part of, we can effectively help the marketing team, most especially Kim Feil, Cadbury’s Senior Product Manager. In order for Kim and her marketing team to succeed, they must first characterize the carbonated soft drink industry in…show more content…
• There is seasonality to the market. The higher the temperature, the higher the sales. • Sales are dependent on the region. 54.9 gallons are accounted for East South Central states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. 37.1 gallons are accounted for the mountain states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. • Consumers of 25 years of age consume diet beverages. • Teenagers and younger consumers generally consumer regular soft drinks. Changes in the ‘orange’ category during the period of 1985 to 1989 In the year 1989, 3.9% of the total industry sales were accounted for the orange flavored drinks selling a whopping 126 million cases primarily through supermarkets as the distribution channel. Based on the below pie chart, we can see the top four orange flavored brands that reign in the market mostly with the variety of regular and diet varieties that cater to a wider market in the year of 1989. [pic] From the period of 1985 to 1989, the overall orange flavored carbonated drinks’ sales increased from 102 million cases to 126 million. This can be accounted to the emergence of Mandarin Orange Slice and Minute Maid Orange in 1985 manufactured by PepsiCo and Coca-cola respectively. As a direct effect, the market share for both Crush and Sunkist suffered heavily. From the period of 1985 to 1989, the Crush Brand’s market share apparently declined

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