Case Study Analysis: Early Childhood. Chantiara L. Johnson.

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Case Study Analysis: Early Childhood Chantiara L. Johnson Capella University Introduction Dawn is a four-year-old girl, who was raised by her two parents Terry and Bill. In the beginning of Dawn’s life, both parents were very attentive to her and the things that interested Dawn. They cared for her and played with her; even when Dawn would show resistance and frustration, they would be patient and understanding. Terry would manipulate Dawn out of her difficult temper by making her happy and distracting her with things and activities that she enjoyed. When Dawn was 3-years-old, her parents welcomed their second child, Darren. Darren was completely different then Dawn, because he was born with a…show more content…
Instead of being able to do many task for Dawn, Terry now expects Dawn to be more independent than before. Identification of Theory As one looks within this case study, the theory of attachment is demonstrated throughout the whole study. Theorist John Bowlby defines attachment as a system, and not a specific set of behaviors (Broderick & Blewitt, 2014). It is within this system that an infant and their caregivers bond becomes secure and made whole, allowing them to provide a haven when the infant is in distress. When Dawn was born, her parents both provided the warmth and comfort needed to create a secure attachment. Securely attached children can become upset when separated from their mother; however, when she returns the child will greet her warmly seeking comfort from her (Broderick & Blewitt, 2014). Over time Dawn’s parents began to alter their priority from primarily on Dawn to every other thing within their lives, especially to Darren their youngest child. It was within this change that Dawn’s temperament and behavior began to change as well. The change of a child’s attachment can result from change within the family, the birth of a younger sibling, marriage or divorce, and relocation of schools or neighborhoods (Colin, 1991). The shift in Dawn’s attachment changes from secure to insecure, because of the new addition of her baby brother, and the lack of

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