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Case Analysis: Oracle’s Larry Ellison: A Profile of Power, Influence, and Dominance

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Abstract: The purpose of this case study analysis is to examine how Larry Ellison uses power and has used his power in the past to create one of the largest software companies in the world. This analysis will examine the different forms of interpersonal power that Ellison uses, how the two faces of power relate to his actions, if he uses his power ethically, and the influence tactics that he demonstrates. This analysis will also explain if he uses his power effectively and if I would personally be able to emulate Larry Ellison’s behavior. Oracle has continued to grow over the years and this analysis will explain if Ellison’s
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428). Over the years, Ellison has been given the nickname The Pirate because of the amount of acquisitions he has made. Even though people doubted Ellison could build such a large company by buying other companies, he has made Oracle the largest provider of corporate software in the world (Nelson & Quick, 2013). The CEO of Oracle has a strong ability to exercise his power and influence in the form of hostile takeovers. A good example of this would be his actions towards the forced resignation of Hewlett-Packards CEO Mark Hurd. This happened after an investigation was launched involving allegations of sexual harassment. Larry Ellison quickly blamed the board of trustees at Hewlett-Packard for the forced resignation, then he instantly hired Hurd at Oracle (Nelson & Quick, 2013). The new CEO of Hewlett-Packard became the next target for Ellison, he accused the CEO of overseeing intellectual property theft at his previous job. The CEO of Hewlett-Packard fought back against Ellison and stated that the allegations were complete hogwash and untrue (Nelson & Quick, 2013). Ellison then went back and questioned Hewlett-Packards board of trustees and CEO all together about their competence, intelligence, and integrity. Even though Ellison lashed out at them, he made sure not to ever criticize Hewlett-Packard itself. In 2010, Oracle had achieved a new world record for database speed and Ellison made sure to then bash Hewlett-Packard about their

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