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Case Study Analysis

Chris Smith received a promotion to executive assistant to the chief executive officer at Faith Community Hospital. On Chris’s first day as executive assistant his boss, Pat, the CEO of Faith Community Hospital, meets with Chris to discuss, what the hospital does and some of the problems that the hospital is having. At the end of the meeting, Pat asks Chris to prepare a report that covers three areas: what is going on right now, what they can do about it, and what they should do about it.

In the beginning of the meeting, Pat gives Chris some background information on the hospital, Pat’s position, and the company’s mission statement. Pat is the CEO of the hospital and reports directly to the Board of Directors
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The insurance aspect of this problem leads into the third problem.

The third problem that Faith Community hospital faces is the insurance issue. Each insurance company decides who is covered, how much and when the hospital is paid. This problem is totally out of the hospitals plans, but is still viewed as a major problem. All of these things can increase the amount of money the hospital is putting out and can decrease the amount of money the hospital is making, which leads to the third problem.
The fourth problem that the hospital faces is that their premium costs are increasing each year rather than decreasing. A year ago, the cost per patient was $217.00 per a day, while this year the average cost per patient is $240.00 per day. The hospital has had a 7% decrease in patients over the year and unless they can increase the number of patients that they are seeing, then the hospital will have to do make some cost reduction decisions.

Now that we know what problems the hospital faces we must come up with some possible solutions to these problems. These solutions may or may not be the correct decisions, but they will help to lead to the final decision. By brainstorming a variety of ideas, we can see what solutions can possibly solve the problem as well as look at the pros and cons of each possible solution.


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